A New Posture Toward Busyness

Authored by Collin Stoddard on March 6, 2017

We’re progressing through our series called, “The Jesus Lifestyle” at Wooddale talking about Mary and Martha last weekend. In our series videos we’ve been following a discipleship group that we put together as they discuss the topic of the weekend. Even though we shoot all of the series videos in one time and then edit them before each weekend, God was working among the group in how they answered questions that supports and embellishes what Dale teaches on. So cool how the Holy Spirit takes care of details that we could never plan.

When I directed the video shoot and we started discussing this week’s topic, I caught myself being way too “churchy” when one of the gals in the group who is new to our community asked me who Mary and Martha were? If you grew up reading your Bible you know who they are. They were two sisters who Jesus met with and one of them thought they were doing the right thing and serving Jesus by working hard in the kitchen, and the other knew she was doing the right thing and honoring Jesus by just being with Him. Mary, the one who just sat at His feet was the one doing what pleased Jesus.

To highlight this topic of quality time and slowing things down we went full acoustic. For some reason our church responds and loves whenever we do this, and I must admit, so do I. It allows space for us to just to sing and play and reimagine how we normally play these full band songs with tracks and full production.

We staged an area for Dale to interact with, a sitting area and a dirty, pan-packed oven to differentiate a place you would work and a place you would sit.

Also a highlight is when Tim Pearson joins us and takes some pictures.






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